Tattoo license

Tattoo license

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Existing Designs

Thank you so much for deciding to get my art on your skin. It's one of the highest honors for an artist. A big thanks for deciding to support me financially for the sweat & tears I put in creating these designs. It doesn't go without saying in the day of the internet.

Show your tattoo artist the receipt you got here which is the OK for you to get one of my artworks tattooed. Tattoo artists are supposed to check the copyright of the tattoo art and by purchasing a license here you support and value the artist, the art and the copyright.

After the purchase of this permit, I will get in touch with you and send you a license as pdf file where it states that I officially agree you getting my work tattooed and the file of one design you like to get tattooed. So please check out with email to receive it, not just with your phone number.

Custom Tattoos

I do not create custom tattoo designs. I hope you do fine one in the wide range of existing designs ;) 

Temporary Tattoos

P.S. for the ones who are no sure yet, you can buy awesome temporary tattoos with my designs which last 1-2 weeks on Inkbox. Click here

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