Work with me!

Hi :)
I love to collaborte with brands, shops & galleries which share the same values and artistic visions as me. I'm also happy to create  custom paintings for your home!
Here's how it usually works:
I charge a minimum of $1'500.- with a 50% deposit for every custom comission.
If you like to use an existing design for a collab, for instance for a t-shirt design, the price starts at $750.-.
The final price depends on the scope of the project, e.g. how many t-shirts you plan to sell with one of my designs, if you sell worldwide or on a local market or if it's a one-time thing or a logo that you'll use for years to come. I kindly ask you to think about that in advance :)
The process then usually goes like this:
  1. You present your idea to me and we figure out together how we can best bring it to life.
  2. I start the sketching process whereas I offer a maximum of three feedback rounds where you can guide me in the right direction before I finalize the design/painting.
  3. If you're happy, you pay the remaining balance.
For custom paintings, the price range depends on the size of the painting. You can get a pretty good overview on my other originals for sale. Additionally to the price of the painting, e.g. $2'500.- for a 50x70cm canvas there's a 20% comission fee on top :)
I also love to work with shops & boutiques which sell my art prints or galleries for original paintings!
    If you're interested, please get in touch and send your request to

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