Blockchain has been heavily debated in terms of it's sustainability. Here are some thoughts about this topic.
Currently blockchain is a very energy consuming technology. The blockchain Ethereum (currency by which NFTs can be bought) is releasing a new version which will be called ETH2 in 2022. ETH2 will be upgraded such that Ethereum's energy consumption is lowered by up to 99.95 %. This change could potentially change the entire game!
Another issue I want to talk about is transparency, which can by increased by NFTs for both  buyers and sellers (artists in this particular case). As an artist you can set royalties on NFTs for its entire lifetime. This means that the artist profits from every resell - by getting some share of the resell price (usually between 5-10 %). This transparent scheme allows us to establish a resell-based donnation scheme. Thus a donnation is made to WWF not only on the primary sell but every single time the art piece changes owner. Such a scheme aims at internalizing costs that potential transactions could still have.
Whereas I believe 100% that the NFT market must become greener, this should also be the case for any other energy consumption process. This is why we chose to support WWF as they have big political power to actually push for a change. Such political influence is in my opinion the most powerful way to achieve the changes needed - instead of pointing fingers at everyones individual consumption behaviour.
Finally there is also a very social aspect to all of it. Even though the entire technology behind NFTs is complex and can also be somewhat confusing, NFTs can simply be seen as an opportunity for artists all over the world to connect. NFTs can be used to enpower artists and to secure lifelihoods in a very competitive branch.  
I am aware that these are just a few points. Feel free to contact me in case of questions, suggestions or feedback of any kind!

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